Best Sites to Buy Youtube Likes in India

Best Sites to Buy Youtube Likes in India

Best Sites to Buy Youtube Likes in India

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In today’s world of the internet, YouTube is a great place for entertainment and kill time. Because people of all ages are very involved with YouTube. But if we want to know in more detail, it can be said that YouTube is a video sharing platform made by American developers, where all users have the opportunity to watch videos of different tastes. Here a user can create an account via their personal email and create a channel of their own to share videos with others. As a result, other users will have the opportunity to like, comment, or share videos, and users can also subscribe to your channel if they wish. So, through this article, we have shared the Best Sites to Buy Youtube Likes in India.

But in today’s world of social networking, most companies or industries promote their products through YouTube.
Because here it is very easy to get the opportunity to promote their products in front of countless users. So they share some videos of their products through their channel, where users like, comment, or share these videos. But people who share videos on YouTube, their videos need a lot of likes. Because the video that has more likes seems to be more authentic to the users. So the main target of YouTubers is to get more likes. But there are many who do not get enough likes even after uploading quality videos. So they want to Buy YouTube Likes from an authentic website.

Now in the world of social media services, it is very difficult to find authentic websites easily. So in this article, we are going to discuss some Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes, where some information will be mentioned services and features provided to the user by the websites.

Best Sites to Buy Youtube Likes:

1. Buy Youtube Likes from SMMSumo:

The main goal of a YouTube channel owner is to gain respect and popularity by sharing quality content. So the more likes and comments you get in the video, the more curious people will have. SMMSumo is a company that is aware of the needs of its customers. Because they have been known in this field for 6the past 7 years. So the number of likes and engagement on YouTube videos of customers who have ordered likes according to their needs has increased at a very high rate. They have some features of the service, which make the work attractive and remarkable to the customers.

i. Customers who get likes from their accounts have their own channel on YouTube, and they are 100% active on YouTube. As a result, the number of subscribers to their channel also increases along with the increase in likes. Which will continue to get likes in other videos in the future.
ii. Delivery is very fast when you order any service. Because SMMSumo is always a team that saves time in reaching service to customers. Customers usually get delivery within 1-2 days of ordering any service.
iii. An interesting feature to always be by the side of customers is 2 years of replacement protection. As a result, if a customer’s YouTube video loses some likes, the likes are replaced when they are contacted.

2. Buy Youtube Likes from AlwaysViral:

Nowadays for the popularity of YouTube, every YouTube channel owner wants to gain respect from other users by sharing some necessary and instructive topics. So they have a lot of expectations to get likes behind sharing any topic. So AlwaysViral offers some interesting services to help customers get more likes on YouTube videos, which everyone can afford. Customers will be able to Buy YouTube Likes, Views, and Subscribers services for YouTube from them. For that, customers have to visit their website and choose the service of their choice and order. The features of their service that attract all customers are:

i. Every YouTuber expects their videos to get likes from real and active users. Then there will be no problem to increase the subscribers of their channel. So AlwaysViral always provides customers with likes from genuine and active YouTube users.
ii. If any customer faces any password related problem with the YouTube channel profile when purchasing the service, they will not want to order the service from that place. Because it’s a matter of protecting customers’ personal information. So with these things in mind, this website does not want to know any personal information of the customers.
iii. Their service delivery time is quite short. As a result, customers never too late to get service.

3. Buy Youtube Likes from FollowersZeal:

People who don’t have enough likes on YouTube videos, try to upload better quality videos. But if they want to get likes on a particular video, they have to wait a long time. But FollowersZeal offers a selection of the best services on YouTube to make this process even easier, which helps customers increase likes on YouTube videos very quickly. Customers will be able to order Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and LinkedIn services from them in addition to YouTube. But for that, customers must go to their website and choose the service according to their needs. Some interesting features of the YouTube Likes service are:

i. The main goal of all customers is to get quality service from the place where they will buy any service. Otherwise, the trust of the customers towards that website is lost. So they always provide 100% quality service to every customer, which helps to increase the amount of engagement of the customer’s YouTube video next time.
ii. Providing quality service to the customer means that likes delivered from genuine and active YouTube users’ accounts. So each of their customers claims that they have received likes from genuine and active users, which in turn helped to further the growth of their channel.
iii. They also do not ask for customer’s YouTube channel passwords when ordering services. Because they are very loyal to customers’ personal information.

4. Buy Youtube Likes from QQSumo:

When customers search for the Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes, they want to get many features of the service at the same time. Because these will help a lot in the ranking of their channels and videos later. So QQSumo offers customers a lot of benefits in one service, helping customers to further grow the channel in the future. Customers will be able to order Views, Subscribers, Dislikes, and Share services from them, in addition to YouTube likes. Some features of their service are briefly discussed.

i. QQSumo has always been honest about the YouTube Likes service. Because no customer has complained badly about their service. Because so far all the customer orders service from them have received likes from 100% active YouTube users.
ii. The quality of their service is always high as they always provide genuine service to every customer. Because their main target is to provide quality service to the customers. In this field, they are a very old team, and they have a lot of experience in how to provide service to customers.
iii. Once the service has been ordered, the main task is to deliver the service quickly. So they start providing likes to customers’ videos within 1-2 days of ordering.

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5. YoutubeMarket:

Owners of different YouTube channels have different expectations. But increasing the number of likes on the video is one of the main needs. Because the more videos people like, the more subscribers there are. So YoutubeMarket is number 5 among various websites for purchasing YouTube likes. Customers can easily purchase any service from them as per their need. Their services have some features that are helpful for customers.

i. They claim on their website that customers always get quality service from them. So in order to provide quality service, we understand that the people who will like the video will be real YouTube users. But many times they are not able to provide likes from real YouTube users.
ii. Customers usually expect to receive service within a very short time of ordering. So they deliver the services within 24 hours. As a result, customers have no problem getting likes on the video.
iii. Many times some likes are reduced from the ordered service. As a result, customers face various problems later. So they provide Refill Guarantee in the service. As a result, if some likes decrease in the future, then by contacting them, they will fill the likes again.

6. QQTube:

In the world of YouTube Likes service, different websites offer to help customers in different ways. But the main target behind the providing of these services is customers satisfaction, which most website fails to do so. So QQTube promises to provide quality service to its customers. The benefits that customers can get if they Buy YouTube Likes from them are:

QQTube is a well-known name in the world of YouTube likes. But when customers visit their website, at first they do not understand what benefits can be obtained from them. So customers should contact them and then order the service.
The price of their YouTube Likes service is quite high compared to other websites. Customers can get 1000 likes on their video by spending $32. But many customers have complained in many places that they got most of the likes from inactive and fake YouTube account. They provide 24/7 customer support, where customers can inquire about the service. But many times when customers contact them, they do not reply.

7. InstaFollowers:

Many customers are unable to get quality service even after purchasing YouTube likes from different places. But in today’s world of the internet, there are countless websites that promise to provide the right service to their customers. So those who want to increase the number of likes on YouTube videos very fast must visit the InstaFollowers website. Because they are an established team in the world of social media services, they are able to increase likes on YouTube in the right way. Now let’s discuss what benefits customers can get when they use their services.

They are able to deliver the likes to customers very quickly. Because they claim on their website that once the customer’s YouTube likes order is completed, they deliver the likes to the customer’s video in a very short time.
Their payment process is also very secure. Because they have the most secure and easy payment gateway in the world, where customers can also complete the payment process with their credit card. If any customer doesn’t get enough likes on their video after ordering, they promise to refund the customer. Because many times customers complain that the likes on their video are not increasing after ordering. They also do not ask customers for their YouTube account passwords or do not force them to share any personal information with them.

8. GetFans:

The service offers very few websites as per the needs of the customers. So many times they are not able to find the Best Websites to Buy YouTube Likes. But GetFans assures customers that they will always provide quality service at the right time. So customers are interested in purchasing YouTube likes from them. But many times different customers are victims of a bad experience. However, now let’s see what kind of benefits customers can get from them when they Buy Youtube Likes from them.

They strongly claim on their website that the likes on YouTube videos will start to increase shortly after the ordering of the service is completed. But their customers have complained in various places that they have been received likes on YouTube videos after 3-4 days of order. They always strive to provide customers with high-quality service in this industry. So customers get to see likes from various active and real YouTube users. Although they do not always provide likes from real users. Customers will see a Money-Back guarantee in their service. Many times they are not able to deliver the service to the customers at the right time or increase the likes on the customer’s video. If customers contact them in this situation, they promise to give customers a full refund.

9. YTpals:

Properly providing YouTube services is an industry identity that many social media service providers do not adhere to. As a result, customers face various problems by ordering services from them. But YTpals is very aware of this and is experienced in providing services in the right way, Just as SMMSumo & AlwaysViral displays for customers. The YouTube likes service is a popular topic among the YouTube services that customers are constantly looking for. Now let’s see what kind of benefits customers can enjoy when they purchase YouTube Likes from YTpals and how much they are aware of this.

First, they guarantee to deliver the ordered likes to the customers. As a result, any customer will be able to order services from them easily. Although many times their services take a long time to be delivered, which is a very annoying thing for customers. However, they do not want to know the password of the YouTube account from any customer. As a result, customers’ personal information is protected. If customers face any problem, they get 24/7 customer support from them. But if some likes are reduced or fake likes are received in the future, they will not be able to help in this regard. Also, customers will not get the right answer to the question.

10. StormViews:

Another well-known website in YouTube services is StormViews, from where customers can easily purchase YouTube likes. They usually offer YouTube Likes, Views and Subscribers services to customers. They claim on their website that customers will not get better service from them in any other place. Because they are very old in this field. So now let’s see what benefits customers can really enjoy from them.

When customers order YouTube likes from them, they get an instant service delivery guarantee from them. Because they promise to deliver likes on the video in 2-3 days. But most of the customers complain that they don’t get the service on time. The likes that customers get from them are not always the real users. Because the likes they provide from those users are not always active on YouTube, or they are all fake accounts. As a result, the YouTube channel of the customers does not increase the engagement and the number of subscribers does not increase properly. They also do not want to know the password of any profile from their customers. As a result, customers can use their services with confidence.

But if customers want to enjoy premium quality service at the right price, they must like YouTube from the SMMSumo website. Because they are a team of experts with 8 years of experience in this field.

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11. SubPals:

The websites we’ve talked about so far are all known for their services. However, not everyone is able to provide multiple benefits at the same time. But SubPals has added many benefits to its customers. But in reality, they are not always able to provide all the benefits intended for the customers. Because when customers select a package to purchase YouTube likes from them, the benefits are different. So now we know what kind of service they actually offer to customers.

They guarantee delivery for the YouTube Likes service. Because a lot of the time customers order services from many places and then they don’t get delivery. They mentioned on their website that results start from 24-72 hours after finish ordering likes. As a result, customers do not have to worry after ordering the service. They also do not want to know any kind of password from the customers. Because they are very aware of the personal information of the customers. So ordering services from them is 100% secure. But they deliver likes to customers from all the users, they are not always real and active YouTube users. So a lot of times suddenly decrease some likes from any video. Although they offer refill arrangements, where customers can get some likes back.

But if customers want to get real and active likes at once, they have to order YouTube likes from the AlwaysViral website. Because their customers have reported on various review sites that they got all the likes from the real users and later the likes did not decrease.

12. LenosTube:

In this list we have learned about the websites so far, each of them is committed to providing the best service from themselves. But many times customers are unable to get the best service from them. LenosTube is a successful provider where customers can purchase YouTube likes, comments, views, and subscribers. However, customers do not always get 100% quality service from them. But now let’s find out exactly what kind of service they provide.

They claim that they always deliver quality likes from real users, which increases naturally. But when I first ordered 100 likes from them, they gave me some likes from real users and most of the likes came from fake and inactive YouTube accounts, who are not active on YouTube. Since they do not always provide likes from real users, their service quality is not good. As a result, likes are not permanent on customers’ videos. If the likes suddenly decrease, then of course the popularity of the customer profile decreases a bit. Although they guarantee the delivery of the likes. Customers can usually get 20-30 likes per day from them and it may take longer to complete the service depending on the number of likes.

If any customer wants to get quality likes from all real users, they should visit the FollowersZeal website. Because they are one of the few selected service providers, who deliver the right service easily for the customers.

13. VideosGrow:

There are several ways we can grow our YouTube account. Similarly, different customers are interested in increasing the likes to make their YouTube videos more popular. So VideosGrow offers YouTube Likes service from their website as well as Views, Subscribers, and Comments service. So customers will also get benefit if they want to purchase more YouTube services from them. Now let’s see how they will help customers when customers Buy YouTube likes from them.

The price of their service is a little different than other websites. Their YouTube Likes service starts at $ 0.99, in exchange for which customers get 5 likes on YouTube videos. When customers purchase services from them, they do not face any password related issues. This is because they ask customers to provide only the link to the video and for that customers do not need to provide their YouTube account password. They assure that they deliver service to the customers in the right manner. But when I ordered YouTube likes from them, they didn’t deliver the likes to me properly. Because the number of likes on my YouTube video would sometimes increase and then suddenly decrease again. They did not help me in any way when I contacted them about this. Because their customer support service is not customer friendly, where customers can solve problems properly.

14. SMMPoint:

SMMPoint is a place of social media service where customers get the opportunity to purchase YouTube likes. Because they offer services like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify, and more. I purchased 100 likes from them and gained some experience. So now let’s discuss, what benefits customers can get when they order services from them.

Most of the likes they gave me on my YouTube videos came from fake and inactive accounts. As a result, I got 15 original likes on my video, which are still in my video, and the rest of the likes are automatically reduced. So they do not deliver quality service to customers at all. Although they assure that if the customers do not get the service from them, they refund the full amount to the customers without any hassle. But the delivery time of their service is very disgusting. Because customers get to see likes on their videos after 5-6 days of order, which is really too late for customers. Although their customer support is customer friendly. Because they help when you ask them something.

So if you want to spend money and enjoy premium quality service, you should order YouTube Likes from the QQSumo website. Because they deliver likes to each customer very quickly from real and active users, which will help you to increase your video engagement in the future and increase the number of subscribers to your channel.

15. VisibilityReseller:

Our last website in this list of articles is VisibilityReseller, from which customers can order many more social media services. They usually offer YouTube Views, Likes and Subscribers services for customers. So let’s find out something about their service.

They claim that they always provide likes from real YouTube users. But some customers who bought YouTube likes from them complained that most of the likes they got on their videos came from fake and inactive YouTube accounts. As a result, the amount of engagement in their videos has decreased a lot and the growth of the channel has also gone down. Customers do not have to tell their YouTube account password to order services from them.

Because they only ask you to provide the link to the video. Like other websites, they also guarantee fast delivery. But in reality, they do not deliver fast at all. Because when I ordered YouTube likes from them, the likes on my video came 7 days after ordering. They offer 24/7 customer support, which doesn’t work. Because if they are contacted in case of any help, they do not respond properly. So overall, buying YouTube likes from them is not very convenient for the customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are these websites legit to purchase YouTube likes?

In this list, we have listed some of the Best Websites to Buy YouTube Likes, from where customers can order YouTube Likes. But at the top, we have added some selected and quality service providers. Not all types of benefits are available from all websites. As a result, you should visit websites.

2. Do all these websites provide real YouTube likes?

I have already purchased some likes from all the websites listed in this list. As a result, I have shared my personal experience here. So above mentioned are some of the best websites selected, who deliver quality service in a short time. But if customers want to Buy Youtube Likes for their YouTube videos, they must visit their website. Because they offer the best service according to the needs of the customers.

There are currently many websites where customers order services and do not get real likes. But at the top of this list, if customers order YouTube likes from them, they will get likes from real users. Because I have already had a good experience by purchasing more other services from SMMSumo, AlwaysViral, FollowersZeal and QQSumo.

3. Will there be any harm to my channel if I use the purchased service?

Not at all. Because you are buying services from authentic and legal websites. So they will not do anything to you that will harm you in the future. As many customers have ordered services from them, they have already shared their experiences on many sites. So you should read their reviews. This is because the reviews reflect the experience of the customers using their services.

4. If I use purchased likes, will I get likes from other users in the video?

Of course. Because, even in the service you are buying, you will get likes from real and active YouTube users. But you need Buy YouTube Likes from authentic websites. Because if you get likes from fake or inactive users, the amount of engagement of your video and the growth of the channel will decrease. So at the top of this article, we have added the most authentic and trusted websites from where customers can safely order YouTube likes.

5. How do I increase likes on YouTube?

In addition to purchasing YouTube likes, YouTube channel owners should spend their time on videos. Because the service you buy may not always work properly. So you should post quality videos, present videos at the right time, make videos on any trending topic. Videos should also be shared on other platforms. Because there will be a lot of views and likes will increase. But YouTube videos must include Tags and Descriptions. Because these help the video to rank on top.


In summary, likes are an essential part of YouTube videos. Because Likes get feedback from other users, which encourages YouTubers to share more videos later. So increasing likes through buying services is a fancy method, which is currently the main attraction of customers. Keeping in mind the needs of the customers, all the websites I have discussed in this article are ready to deliver the best service from their place. Although some websites do not provide proper service. So I added some of the best websites at the top of this list.

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