10 Best Places To Buy YouTube Comments

10 Best Places To Buy YouTube Comments
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This article is all about 10 Best Places To Buy YouTube Comments! Here are some of the best website to help you. In the present time, YouTube is one of the most popular and widely used social media platform. It is a place where you can upload videos and while maintaining certain YouTube rules. Now, most of the people are uploading videos on YouTube and is becoming popular very fast. But to be popular, you need YouTube users who will like your video, comment on your video, and share it. So commenting on YouTube videos is a necessary part.

Without comments, you can never be popular. Some people are getting comments by uploading good contents and some people are failing at that place. So they always look for the Best Places To Buy YouTube Comments. This article is just about them! Here are some of my experiences on Top 10 Best Places To Buy YouTube Comments, that will help you get services from authentic website.

1. Buy YouTube Comments from SMMSumo:

The most reliable website that I have uses to buy YouTube comments is SMMSumo. They provide high-quality services in the current market. This means, that you will get better service from them without any doubt, which will help you to improve your social media ranking and take your YouTube channel reach even further. Taking services from them will not only improve your YouTube channel but also improve on other platforms. SMMSumo is the website that offers the service in lowest-priced, but they never give up on the quality of your service.

I personally ordered 100 YouTube comments from them, which I received very quickly without any problem, and the comments they gave were from genuine YouTube users. Because they still like, comment, and share my videos. As a result, it didn’t take a long time to
grow my YouTube channel. So if you decided to buy YouTube Comment, I will suggest you go with SMMSumo.

2. Buy YouTube Comments from FollowersZeal:

YouTube is a popular video platform that is always in trend. Currently, YouTube has changed some of the algorithm, for which every user is struggling. So you need likes, comments, and shares in your video, which you will get from FollowersZeal at a very low price in a short time and good quality services. The comments that they give you are 100% real and from legit YouTube user profiles. FollowersZeal makes sure that your video engagement tends to double.

Which is a positive aspect of buying services from them. Because I myself have received a lot of services from them and I have a good experience. If any reason some of your comments drop, they re-fill it again. Because when you get services from them, you will get ‘2 Year Free Refill Protection’ for any package you buy. FollowersZeal makes sure that their customers stay satisfied. Also, their customer service is great, 24/7 open.

3. Buy YouTube Comments from AlwaysViral:

AlwaysViral is a website that provides Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Spotify services. This is an authentic website that can serve you in the right way. Spending the money for comments was a great experience for me as it had generated traffic to my YouTube video. They will provide you with comments in a way that will improve not only improve your video engagement, but will also impact your YouTube channel.

The comments they give you are 100% authentic and of high-quality. As a result, the amount of engagement in your videos will double. They will help you increase your online presence by bringing in more audience very quickly, which will give you a lot more exposure. So
without wasting your precious time, I recommend you to visit AlwaysViral website now and order the service of your choice. Also, their customer service is open for 24/7.

4. Buy YouTube Comments from QQSumo:

If you are looking to purchase high-quality service at a low cost, then I recommend you to take them from QQSumo, another great website I use. Because at the present you can see such websites on the internet, who will scam you with falsified information and even might scam you. QQSumo is just the opposite and is a trusted website that will not only provide you high quality services but also help increase the engagement rate of your videos.

It is because the comments that will come to your video after taking the service from them are all genuine YouTube users. Who will like, comment, share your video, and subscribe to your channel. Another good aspect of their service is fast delivery. They will provide you with your service within 24 hours of payment. Also, be sure to contact them if you have any questions. They are always ready to assist you.

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5. BuzzVoice:

BuzzVoice is a social media service provider that provides Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and SoundCloud services. Their service starts at $2, where you get 10 random comments. They claim, their service is of high-quality, which starts very fast. But I bought 100 YouTube comments for $19.99 from them in the beginning, which came too late, and I received only about 17 comments. Moreover, the comments they delivered on my videos were not authentic.

The names of their profiles comprised of mixed numbers and words. This implies that they are just some numbers in the video and YouTube might remove them soon or later. Even if you have any queries about the service, you will be harassed if you try to contact them. I was completely cheated when I purchased service from them. I always recommend my readers to stay away from these websites. If you want to get good service from reputed provider, then I
suggest you visiting the SMMSumo website. You won’t have any bad experience using them.

6. BuySocialMediaMarketing:

In terms of social media, BuySocialMediaMarketing is a name that provides social media services. They provide YouTube likes, comments, subscribers, and views in their service. Their YouTube comment service starts at $2.99 where you get only 10 comments. They mention on their website that they provide good quality services at low prices. To verify this, I bought 250 comments for my YouTube video at $39.99. Although, I got comments on my video very fast.

But they did not complete my order! I received 136 comments out of 250. And the comments from the accounts that came to my video did not seem to me to be normal YouTube users. Because these accounts were made up instead of real ones.
Some of them even looked like as if generated by using some kind of software which they provide to every customer. Those can never increase the engagement in your videos. Not recommended.

7. QQTube:

QQTube is ranked as 7th website in this list that I have used. They only provide services on YouTube. But I had a horrible experience receiving services from them. It is because I never saw how they increased the comments on my YouTube video. I also found no way to inform them about this massacre. There is no way you can communicate with their customer support.

QQSumo scammed me. You will possibly understand this only when you enter their website. There is no information about the service, which the public wants to know what they will buy. So I shared my bad experience here, you too will stay away from all these websites. If you are interested in buying real YouTube comments, I suggest you go with FollowersZeal website and order as many services as you need. Because they will provide you high-quality services organically.

8. BuyYoutubeComments:

You will get likes and views service from BuyYoutubeComments in addition to YouTube comments. On their website, you will see various YouTube commenting services, where some services also have likes and views associated with the YouTube comment. But you can’t expect high-quality YouTube comments from them. I ordered 100 YouTube comments from them to verify their service. But they gave me 56 comments that didn’t help me improve my video traffic! The services they provide to customers do not come from any original profile.

They create some accounts through bots and provide them to customers. So if you want to get a high-quality service then you must visit AlwaysViral website. I consider their website as the best as you will only receive 100% authentic service with confidence. AlwaysViral have been working in this field for the last 5 years. So they have both experience and acquaintance, which will double the engagement rate of your video.

9. SubPals:

SubPals’s services are always more expensive than other websites. They charge a lot more for the service, but they deliver the service. So I spent $35 and ordered 20 YouTube comments from them. They sent me 20 comments on time. But the comments I received from them were of very low quality. Because all the users who commented on my videos did not seem to be my real YouTube users. Because they all came at the same time and commented differently in a serial way.

If they were all real YouTube users, they would like my videos and increase my engagement. But there was nothing! They mention on their website that they provide a Refill Guarantee. But sadly, out of the 20 comments given to them, 12 comments were dropped within a week. But when I tried to contact them, I did not get any reply from them and I did not get my dropped YouTube comments. So from all these websites, I like QQSumo website’s service and their great 24/7 customer support. It’s a good website where you can order a service in peace.

10. Woorke:

Woorke is a website that provides many social media services, one of them is the YouTube comment. Their YouTube comment service also has a lot of different categories, you can buy according to your needs. I also bought YouTube comments from them at first, but sadly I did not get all the comments from them. So it’s clear that there is something wrong with their service delivery. They mention on heir website that the service they offer helps increase engagement, but it’s actually a strategy to sell their service. Because I used their service myself and I didn’t get any engagement on my YouTube videos.

They also mentioned on their website that there they do provide money-back guarantee, but in reality, they never do. Their customer service is also not good, most of the time they do not reply. Woorke is definitely not in the list of the Best Places To Buy YouTube Comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it safe to Buy YouTube comments?

Yes, buying YouTube comments is 100% safe, if it is a trusted website. Because the service they give you will not break any rules of YouTube. As a result, your YouTube account will be safe and your popularity will increase a lot. I suggest you buy YouTube comments from authentic websites only, i.e. SMMSumo, FollowersZeal, AlwaysViral or QQSumo and order the service as per your requirement.

2. Will YouTube banned my account for this service?

Not at all, because millions of people are buying YouTube comments from social media providers to increase their engagement and visibility. So no worries about your account.

3. Where do these comments come from?

Their services or YouTube comments come from their various networks, where they advertise your channel or videos. So the engagement rate of your video will increase a lot. Which is very important for your channel.

4. Is it illegal to buy Instagram views?

Not at all, however, you need to only buy YouTube likes from a trusted website like SMMSumo or FollowersZeal are risk-free. They do follow the rules of YouTube and your account will be safe. Purchasing comments can also increase traffic, which can in turn attract more engagement in the future. But keep in mind that always purchase from the trusted websites. Read this article on Best Places To Buy YouTube Comments before purchasing comments.

Conclusion :

Having comments on any YouTube video is a mandatory part of attracting new users. It is because if YouTube sees that there are no comments on your video, they will recommend your channel to new users. In this blog, we’ve shared the Best Places To Buy YouTube Comments.

So one of the best ways to increase comments on YouTube videos is to buy YouTube comments from trusted websites like SMMSumo, FollowerZeal, AlwaysViral, or QQSumo. They provide high quality and organic comments that can make your YouTube videos viral and can make you famous on YouTube.

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